Play a Guest Role When Attending the Show?


This could be the most serious fun available standing up, for outgoing personalities, and we make it very easy.   Take a look at  the TripAdvisor reviews at  to see how much having people in your group play roles, enhances the experience.    When you book, let us know whether you want to play a role, some of which are frankly very suspicious.   When you arrive, we will provide your script, in quite large and easily read letters.  You will just stand and read text at an appropriate time (after prompting from our actors) – there is no learning, and no disruption to your enjoyment of the remainder of the show.


We will ask you to pause in your enjoying a drink with us before the show, so we can run over your script with you, and give you a little coaching.   During that time any questions you might have can be fully answered.  Otherwise, you’ll be having double the fun.  Watch, AND play a part.   Extroverts, this may be a great additional step for you, and a great souvenir of your time here, in the form of a wonderful memory and some great photos or video.

For an example of how people play roles in the show, take a look at some very amateur video of a few scenes of the dress rehearsal at which there was a small audience, and some roles.   Rehearsals, guests play roles

Premier Dr Jorge played by DIanne Hofner Saphiere Popular blogger Dianne Hofner Saphiere as Dr Jorge at the premiere. Nice mustache effort.[/caption]

Playing a role will give you a great experience in addition to your enjoyment of the show generally.  We wholeheartedly recommend it.  The role playing option is one of the reasons our TripAdvisor reviews are so good:


Premier Bob Deb Rodriguez
New York Times bestseller Deborah Rodriguez as herself. Very suspicious.
Salem Orion as Javier 150202
Salem Orion as Javier. What a surprise to see you Javier!
Barb Belge Dr Jorge 150224
Dr Jorge. You probably need a straw to be able to drink.

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