Actors’ Application Form


Murder mystery DINNER theatre productions


PRODUCTION SYNOPSIS:        We need actors and understudies for our murder mystery dinner theatre show to run in Puerto Vallarta, which will preview in October and run from November for the season.   While one show a week may be the start figure it should quickly climb to two shows, and then more.  The clientèle will be almost exclusively gringos.  All roles are dramatic comedy, so actors need to have a strong sense of humour.

WE SEEK:     Actors, professional or amateur to date.  We need understudies as well.  People who at the least aspire to acting or some other entertainment role for which having a season of a theatre role would be helpful to the career record, or people who would like to work part time and have a sense of adventure.  Fluent English skills, both spoken and written, are imperative.  These are properly remunerated roles.  Please apply only if you can commit for the run of the initial season, which will be from about October 2016 to about April 2017, and can also commit to availability for learning lines in a timely fashion, and being available to attend readthroughs and rehearsals as required, to commence August 2016.

IF YOU HAVE NOT YET PLEASE look at the rough amateur video of a dress rehearsal last year for the show My Big Fat Mexican Murder:   For further information email to  That is the address to send this application to when it is completed.

To an extent, actors can choose their level of commitment in relation to which evenings are worked and how often, and should be clear about how much or how little they want to work, as we wish to be as accommodating as possible.


  1. If you would prefer to fill out the application by hand, email us and ask for a copy which has space for that.  We’ll whiz one out so you can complete the form without taking  a lot of time.
  2. Answer all questions honestly and completely and to the best of your ability. Do not leave any questions unanswered.  If questions do not apply to you, write N/A as a response.


Full name:    If you are known by a nickname, please advise:

Email address:

Home telephone:

Mobile telephone:

If you have further numbers, please list them.  If a number has some limitations, for instance is a MagicJack number which you will not hear a ring on unless you are sitting at your PC, please advise details:

Home address in PV:

WeChat alias.  BTW, I am Wendy Kain, feel free to find me on WeChat:





Hair colour:

Marital Status:

If caring for children (even if duty is shared), number and age:

What is your first language?                                                   If you have a second or more language, please list:                                           If you have an accent, even a slight one, please provide full details:

If you do a good accent (for instance, deep South, Bronx) please advise details:

Do you smoke?

Do you have tattoos?         If so, please provide details of where they are:

Current occupation:

Current job description:

Current days and hours of work, whether paid or otherwise:

If successful in our auditions and our production will not be your only work, please set out in detail how you will ensure that other duties do not interfere with your commitments to our production:

If you have you attended an acting school, details of when, where, and what courses you undertook and completed:

Are you a member of the Asociacion Nacional de Actores?

Will you be available at all times needed between about August 2016 and April 2017?

Will you be in a position to learn your lines so thoroughly that you will be COMPLETELY off book NO LATER THAN one month after getting the script?  The ability to meet obligations in this regard is paramount.

If you have had professional performance experience, set out details of what it was, and when:

If you have had amateur performance experience, set out details of what it was, and when:

Do you have a car?

Please let us have full details as to how often you would like to work and in what pattern (if any), providing as much detail as possible:

If you would like to give us further information about yourself, below is the place to do it.  Go!  Then email this document, with photos, including but not limited to face shots, to  If you have an acting CV please also send it, but if you don’t have one, don’t take the trouble to create one.  Thanks for taking the time, we look forward to being in touch.