We’ve hit the top 10, yay.  As of just a couple of weeks into our season we made number 9 of 78 TripAdvisor things to do in Mazatlan.  A v good effort for a new and particularly for here, somewhat cutting edge, event.   Way to go you people who came to us as strangers and prepared to have a good time with us, and then to publicly record your enjoyment.  We salute you.  And we salute you Casa de Leyendas and Macaws Restaurant where the show played until April 2015, both of which provided such outstanding food and service.  Can we do better for the new season 2015/2016?  We think we can, we believe this year we will have a show which is world class without a doubt.

This glowing review at the great site.   We do not give free seats to any reviewers, and we did not expect to be reviewed by this site.   So this is the more valued: “ was fortunate to be invited to attend the latest performance of The Big Fat Mexican Murder. Hosted by Wendy Kain and Bodie Kellogg, it turned out to be a fantastic night. The entertainment value was immense. A strong team of actors led by Bodie delivered on their promise of a great evening out. The audience participation and interaction truly adds to the overall enjoyment. That, combined with some great improvisation by the team, makes for lots of fun and laughter. The food was excellent and with two free drinks included, it provides for real value for your money. Highly recommended as a new and innovative event to add to your Mazatlán social calendar. Thanks ——————————–

Our first review by a professional blogger, the day after the premier show: TripAdvisor reviews are at .



Premier Luchador Luis


And from the Mazatlan Messenger,

I recently attended the premier of MY BIG FAT MEXICAN MURDER, a new murder mystery theater event in Mazatlán, presented every Monday evening at 6:00 PM, during the winter season, in the beautiful courtyard of Centro Historico’s award-winning Casa de Leyendas. Arrived at 5:00 PM for special before theater drink prices at Macaws restaurant and bar, open only for theater patrons that evening. The event is written and presented by Bodie Kellogg – and I’m sure with the cooperation of his talented co-producer, Wendy Kain.

The guest list is limited, creating an intimate, personal experience. The three course dinner menu choices are; southern fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy, sautéed shrimp on a bed of rice and vegetables, or spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic bread- each with two glasses of wine or beer and open bar available. My companion and I had shrimp. It was delicious.

As the salad plates arrived and wine glasses were filled we met Bob, (aka Bodie Kellogg). Bob is a scheming gringo of dubious history, activity and intentions who is planning to marry Maria, daughter of Don Francisco Armando Bellisario Jesus Juarez Rafael Lopez (aka Bodie Kellogg), a well-connected rich and powerful resident of Mazatlán. Don Francisco is not entirely happy about the upcoming nuptials. You can immediately perceive the troublesome possibilities.

The script is well considered, witty, clever and funny. It draws on historical and contemporary references to create juxtapositions in meaning and comedy. Bodie Kellogg lives up to his reputation as an artful storyteller with wit and flair.

In one amusing segment, Don Francisco explained how he and his wife had established one area of mutual understanding. She gets to spend 1,000 pesos per month on make-up so she will look beautiful to him – and he gets to spend 1,000 pesos a month on tequila so she will look beautiful to him. There may be a few well used jokes, like the line about a detective arriving late because he was busy working on a case – “of beer” – but they are delivered with tongue-in-cheek awareness that we all know it’s inane.

And yes, someone is murdered. During dessert guests are given a paper upon which to postulate their reasoning for their choice of the murderer. If one guesses correctly there is a ‘reward.’

Part of the entertainment is, of course, the guests who have speaking roles. Watching someone occasionally stumble over lines and strain to be bold and speak with bravado, especially when they are not normally so inclined while being prompted by a frustrated script coach or even a starring role character, has its own unique comedic significance. Especially if they are a friend or acquaintance.

Although the opening night performance was much longer than I expected, or was advertised, I found it well worth the time and money. My understanding is that the script is being tightened up a tad and maybe the dinner guest performers more thoroughly coached, moving the length of the performance into a kindlier time frame for those of us with creaking bones and weary muscles.

The experience is billed as “a complicated and hilarious farce, with repeated and surprise twists and turns.” It lives up to that billing, both by design and by accident.


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