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 Murder mystery standing over bodyExciting murder mystery dinner theatre has come to gorgeous Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.   Get hooked into the intricate and laugh out loud hilarious storylines in the show, suspect some of the actors and some of the guest roles played by other guests, decide who might be the murderer, why the murder was done, and the means, and have enough fun to almost die laughing.  Killer fun?  Hell yeah, particularly if you choose to play a role as a suspect.
Originally starting with the runaway hit show, and the only murder mystery dinner theatre in Mexico, MY BIG FAT MEXICAN MURDER,  in the 2014 tourist season, the endeavour immediately became  a highly regarded evening event of great food, drinks, service, and seriously amusing entertainment.  Marvelous Puerto Vallarta is an even more suitable place; what a wonderful way to enjoy a very special evening out there.
Don't get in the way, Don Francisco may shoot!
Don’t get in the way, Don Francisco may shoot!
 Guests come to the lovely old Zona Romantica and start the evening by meeting the actors in character.  Those who want to play a small role in the show (as a suspect, very easy and great fun) get a few minutes of coaching to ensure a De Nero like performance.  Then over the evening, a world class comedy and drama happens.   Oh no – there’s a murder!!!   And a complicated and repeatedly laugh out loud hilarious farce, with constant and surprising twists and turns.   Take a look at some rehearsals to get an idea of the show:

TripAdvisor reviews from Mazatlan show it as a spectacularly fun night, with a mix of audience friendly participation, comedy and drama, in interesting and distinctive surroundings.

Murder in Mexico productions is now in spectacular Puerto Vallarta.  One more interesting and exciting evening in that great tourist resort town – this one an unusual and particularly memorable one.   MY BIG FAT MEXICAN MURDER is in the upstairs “murder room” at the much loved Boutique Theater above the very popular Mex\Tex restaurant Nacho Daddy, in the ambiance of the Zona Romantica.  The show is on most Tuesdays up to 10th January 2017, but note the special introductory, reduced, pricing, to apply for shows up until the end of 2016.

Barb Belge Dr Jorge 150224
Can we rely on Dr Jorge’s medical advice about the dead body to be correct?

Unravel the clues, and crack the case!   Play a role (which is as easy as reading from a script, and lots of fun).    Perhaps you’ll be a suspect.   You may look spectacular in a great big Mexican mustache, a sombrero, or any of the other props we provide!    And everyone can choose their own level of involvement.  The characters will be as large as life from the time you arrive, and you will become part of the tableau, as you become witness, sleuth and, perhaps, also accomplice to the crime.    You could even turn out to be the murderer!    Towards the end everyone is challenged to determine the method of the crime, the motivation for it, and the perpetrator. Come and enjoy a night to remember – a particularly enduring memory of Mexico.


Collage of shots during a show

Collage of shots during a show

  The much coveted prizes are keenly fought over.   Have a great time watching it in the “armchair detective” fashion and try to figure out who the murderer is and how it was done, and why.   Or extroverts will love to book and play a role in the show.   Either way, watch your back – you never know where the next action is going to come from.   Our shows are PG-15 – firstly to ensure no guest will fail to successfully follow the mystery, but also because some humor contains innuendo or even some level of sexual reference.  Make inquiries or contact us using this link Contact Outline plain ROTATED BODY Murder Mystery Dinner Outline BODY w police tape

We would love to welcome you in as large a group as you would like to put together, for a true evening of hilarity. For particularly large groups get in touch as we might be able to offer some reduction in ticket prices.


28 thoughts on “Murder in Mexico Mystery Theater

  1. Hola Wendy and Bodie, I would be interested in two (2) tickets, depending on the dates. I will be away with our ladies travel group from Jan 8th to Jan 20th. Other than that I can make it work. Thanks – sounds like FUN!

    1. Kathi, wonderful. I have marked out two seats for Monday 26th January 2015. There are some fun people going to that show, which will make it even more enjoyable. I have put in the diary to get in touch with you after the 20th so we can settle details. In the meantime, if you get a chance to take a look at a couple of scenes from a dress rehearsal, you will see how easy it is to play a role, if either of you think you might like to do that. We look forward to seeing you there. I am very confident that you will have a great time. 🙂

      1. Excellent! We are in for sure (not sure about roles, but will have a look!). Is there still room? We may have more people interested.

      2. OOPS! Wendy – I have tickets for the play reading at Recreo on the 26th. Can you move us to the next week? Sorry – and I’m glad I looked at my calendar! Too much going on!

          1. Excellent – we will take that one! That is for Bill and I. Would we be able to reserve two more seats to sit with us? Do you need the names ? There may be more interested.

          2. Great. OK I am calling you a party of 4, so far ahead no worries, we can work it out in a couple of weeks and if the seats end up being released no worries, someone else will take them. So at this stage no names needed. And if you think more will be needed just let me know.

  2. I can get you the money for Bill and I right away. Are you around tomorrow? The alternative is to have Bill get the money to you at another time. I leave on Thursday until Jan. 20th.

    1. Lovely Kathi. Yes, there will be someone at the office (Callejon Aguila #6 Centro Historico) certainly until 2 o’clock tomorrow. But if it is more convenient to Bill, he can go to Macaws and either Glenn or Sharon will take money and issue tickets, and they will also get your dinner orders at the same time. Options are:
      1. Southern fried chicken (1 piece), mashed potatoes with gravy, creamed corn and cheddar biscuit
      2. Spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic foccacia bread
      3. Garlic shrimp served with rice and vegetable.
      Then you know you are locked in, and need not worry until after you get back from your trip. Have a good trip.

  3. Wish to RSVP. Will arrive Mazatlan 9 Jan.

    Best of luck in your performance and hope to see you there.


        1. Yes we do. Will I go ahead and allocate those to you, and email you about details? It will be good to have you both with us.

          1. Good news. Will email you in the morning. We are sure you will both have a great time. The reviews keep getting better and better.

  4. Wendy
    We will be in Mazatlan the end of March. I believe the only Tuesday we are there is March 31. Is there some room for our family of 4?

    1. Carolyn there is room for you four. 2 things though.
      The 1st is that we are very pleased to be able to advise that we have arranged an alternative venue in Centro, so we are now up and running again for Monday nights. The alternate venue is El Fish Market, one of the best seafood restaurants in Mazatlan. It is situated at the north end of the Olas Altas restaurant strip, at the deer monument and on the north side of the Shrimp Bucket. So if Monday night would suit you better, we could allocate 4 seats for you there on 30 March.
      Secondly, before we raise an invoice so you can lock in the bookings by credit card over secure Internet payment, have a think about how many people amongst your group would like to play a role. It is serious fun for people who are in any way so inclined. I will send you an email with a link so you can see how easy it is.
      Thanks for getting in touch. Best regards, Wendy

  5. Hi Wendy,

    I will be in Mazatlan next week. I am interested in reserving two tickets for the Monday March 23rd show at El Fish Restaurant.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  6. Hi Wendy,

    I am interested in reserving two tickets for the Monday March 23rd show at El Fish. Please let me know if there are seats available. Thank you.


  7. We attended with the group that Helen set up, but I don’t remember the date. We certainly enjoyed it and are interested in seeing the new mystery this year.

    1. Thanks Victoria, look forward to seeing you both again this year. Actually 2 different shows, one at luncheon, (The Hacienda Homicide), the other at dinner (My Big Fat Murderous Mexican Wedding). We’ll be in touch after all details are locked in, with dates possibilities.

  8. Is there a show on between January 23 and February 10? We have friends joining us and would like to do this in Maz. Where is the show located and do we need to prepay/preorder or can we just reserve? Thanks!

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